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Date 1-26-15 Weaving tapestry can be either a spontaneous exercise or a slow calculated effort. In the case of an illustration it is the latter. Considerable planning takes place regarding design and color. However a willingness to deveate from the script as it progresses is wise.

The time I'm most likely to suffer brain freeze is when under the pressure of an assignment, especially one that will result in multiples (such as the original for a print) or (in this case) where the design will be inter-reacted on by and viewed by many people over a large span of time.

The tapestry class had been set up and many students enrolled. Egads, what image could I come up with to fulfill the demands?

Hopefully I'll remember how to find my File Manager and not believe it when I'm told I have no websites. They I have no Zeblio websites, which is correct. New control file page design had me stumped. Have to click the big square that says File Manager.